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CURELL SUÑOL celebrates World Intellectual Property Day with the confidence that innovation and new initiatives will contribute to a better, fairer, more sustainable, and respectful future for people, animals, nature and our planet.

  • Technical solutions and innovation in the field of green energy, sustainability-friendly materials, medical and healthcare devices, new technologies and robotics
  • Brands that serve to distinguish sustainable, innovative and supportive initiatives, and convey confidence to people, while enabling purchasing decisions to be made for products and services that think long-term and do no harm to the planet and society
  • Designs that serve as a link between function and shape to make products more attractive and user-friendly, while also promoting sustainability and responsible consumer choice

This is what we want to encourage and protect. Our commitment to IP and youth is firm and is materialised in the preparation and effort of a team that works every day in the administrative, technical, and legal protection of the fruits of the innovative spirit and dynamism of our clients.

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our youngest members; their CVs can be found on our website :

We wish you a happy World Intellectual Property Day!

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