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Since 1970, every April 26 the World Intellectual Property Day is celebrated. Scheduling this date was a WIPO initiative with the aim to foster the idea of how important protecting innovation and creativity is.

This year the theme is Intellectual Property and Sports under the slogan “Reach for Gold”.

This theme is particularly appropriate nowadays because sport arouses passions and the practice of sports is promoted for the sake of healthy habits. Therefore, new sports technologies, materials and equipment are being developed to improve performance and safety. Patents and designs are used for protecting them.

We see trademarks everywhere in sports events: in the clothing of athletes, in the fences and floors of the stadiums, in the walls during press conferences… Sponsorship, merchandising and licensing agreements are key in sports.

And we are active players in this game because it is our job to assess in IP.

Today, in CURELL SUÑOL, we wish to encourage the universal values of sports: excellence, respect and fair play.

Let’s celebrate de Feast of IP and the Feast of Sports together!

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