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Since 1970, every April 26 the World Intellectual Property Day is celebrated. Scheduling this date was a WIPO initiative with the aim to foster the idea of how important protecting innovation and creativity is.

This year the theme is ‘Green Future” and it is of utmost importance since our impact on the environment today will determine the quality of life for future generations. It is a matter of responsibility. We need to care for the planet. And we can contribute to it through green innovation.

At CURELL SUÑOL, we really care for the environment. We are committed to driving progress in this area by raising awareness and promoting education and green technologies. We also aim to reduce our environmental footprint by operating our business through sustainable practices such as energy saving, recycling, waste management and paperless files, which result in an important reduction of paper consumption and print related consumables. On the other hand, the adoption of technologies and practices allowing us to virtualize the workplace has been essential now that we must work remotely.

Let’s fight together for a greener and more sustainable world and promote changes of practice on this year’s World IP Day, now that we are going through such uncertain times.

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