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With the aim of offering our clients complete protection in the field of Intellectual property, we apply for and handle domain name registrations and follow their maintenance. This allows domain name proprietors to enjoy expert professional services focused on the management of domain names, independent to the technical services proper to Internet Services Providers (ISP).

We manage our clients’ domain name portfolio whatever the type of domain name, TLD (Top Level Domain) under the generic domains (.com, .net, .org, .info, .cat, .biz, .mobi, etc.), territorial domain names (.eu, .es, .fr, .us, .de, etc.), each one according to its own regulation.

We are specialised in getting “your” domain names back and have wide expertise in resolution of conflicts over domain names, defending our clients’ interests against abusive registrations. Our services include filing transfers, assignments and requesting the recordal of company name changes concerning domain names.

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