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Among our clients we count on important industrial groups, both Spanish and foreign, with high specific weight in the European scenario and wide world-wide projection. Prestigious brands from different industrial fields rely on us for the defence of their Industrial and Intellectual Property rights.

Public entities, financial institutions, insurance companies, foundations, consortia and research centres are organisations with particular needs on Intellectual Property matters that require specific treatment.

Most of our national clients are small and medium-sized companies with an exporting vocation, which constitute the leading characters of the Mediterranean Euroregion’s industrial structure. Some of these companies have extremely innovative profiles and generate a constant flow of creativity for products that are often situated between art and industry, mainly in the field of fashion, furniture, cultural products and domestic leisure. But we also count on prevailing companies in traditional fields such the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, the automotive and mechanical industry, the textile production and the production of industrial machinery, foodstuff, optics, telecommunications, electronics and other high technology areas.

As Intellectual Property attorneys we assess a wide list of clients including building/civil engineering corporations and transport, distribution and logistics companies, important actors in the field of fashion and perfumery,  health/medical companies, significant wine producers and well-known hotel and restaurant groups.

But individual entrepreneurs deserve all our attention, since they are the ones who often put forward the questions that require our greatest efforts to identify which is the protection they require and which is the most adequate legal instrument to obtain it.

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