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In the last years, technological innovation and globalisation have revealed as the motors of a non-stop constant change. This change has resulted in a cruising speed of our daily activity. New products, new techniques, new markets, new commercialization channels and new business methods appear every day.

Intellectual Property offers both companies and individuals efficient tools to protect as patent, trademark, model, design or copyright the fruits of their work, and draws borderlines that delimit the technical, conceptual and territorial scopes of protection of their rights. These tools can decisively contribute to prevent this fast change from running over their businesses. Protecting the fruits of innovation is as important as the creative ideas themselves.

The classical registration tools for the defence of Intellectual Property – patents, trademarks and designs – together with the different means of protection awarded by copyright or geographical indications and appellations of origin have proved efficient. Nevertheless, the existence of new identifiers in the global market (such as Internet domain names), the accessibility to technological information and the increase of piracy are new threats that must be faced.

A proper strategy and handling of Intellectual Property rights ensures the possibility to face these challenges successfully. We know how to do it and wish to help you. It is our job.

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