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At CURELL SUÑOL, we wish to be socially responsible.

In order to achieve our goals, we strive for health and well-being and work to increase our staff members awareness on the need of a balance lifestyle. Our contribution to family and personal reconciliation is made by providing a flexible schedule that matches our people’s needs. We apply occupational risk-prevention principles and carry out evaluation, assessment and prevention of psychosocial risks as well as ergonomic studies for our staff members.

We do pro bono work for the association ARRELS, aiming at assisting homeless people in Barcelona. We advise them on Intellectual Property issues, in the framework of their initiatives of Homeless Commons and Homeless Fonts (copyright and licensing).

Within the aim to community contribution, the partners of the firm decided that 3% of the annual profits go for NGOs doing a social task. ARRELS is one of them every year and we choose another organization who has done a relevant task that year.

Environment and Sustainability

At CURELL SUÑOL, we also care for the environment and try to operate our business through sustainable practices such as recycling, waste management and paperless files, which results in an important reduction of paper consumption and print related consumables.

We also provide our staff with organic fair-trade coffee.

We are committed to driving progress in this area and aim to continue to reduce our environmental footprint through greater awareness and education.

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